Radek Hejtmanek

Painter Radek Hejtmánek

 Was born on 10th May 1974 in Strakonice. Since his childhood he has loved to draw and paint. His talent was discovered when he started elementary school and had his works displayed at school exhibitions.

 "I was happy as a  kid can be when I got more and more positive reactions to my work"

 It was also during his elementary school years that he started having art lessons.

 "But it was a horrible experience having to do things I really didn´t like and that bored me. It was the time when I lost interest in it."

 During high school, thanks to his teacher, he found his interest in paiting again and he got better and better at it. After  high school he spent a couple of years playing music and travelling around Europe.

 "Since I have always been very much impressed by the beauty of nature and the unique atmosphere of every place, and because I always loved French impressionism, I tried to create my first oil paintings under this influence in 1995."

Since 2006 he has been a member of the Free artist association from South Bohemia.  

The sea, ships in docks, bridges and old streets are the main subject matter of his paintings. Trying to express his deep feelings and putting them into the paintings, as you can feel from each of his works, is definitely the main key to his work.

Quoted from press (Listy Strakonicka, 12.10.2002) and from book (Významní rodáci Strakonicka, 2005).